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Credits for the creators of the current Top 10 BAM!s with links to details.
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#1 BAM! Category: LOVE
This BAM! is currently being “liked" and shared more than any other! Sam Farrar kicks off his BAM! collaboration at the top of the charts. Check out his other BAM!s and share the love.
#2 BAM! Category: HELLO
Say Hello with Jean-Michel Basquiat! BAM! welcomes famous neo-expressionist, Basquiat as one of our featured artists. His BAM!, features a rare halo drawing, illuminating the spiritual aspect to his work.
#3 BAM! Category: MAYBE
BAM! is proud to feature many works by the popular and charismatic artist Amber Ibarreche. Her “MAYBE" BAM! entitled, Mixed Feelings, remains high on the charts.
#4 BAM! Category: QUESTIONS
Express your need for nourishment before you get as hangry as a shark with this BAM! Made possible by the people at FLUX Hawaii.
#5 BAM! Category: AWESOME
Need we say more? Brought to you by the BAM! team.
#6 BAM! Category: LOVE
Express your true feelings. Brought to you by the BAM! team.
#7 BAM! Category: THANKS
Another popular THANKS category BAM! thats much more gratifying to receive than just a text or email saying, thanks. Effects by Leslie Sorrentino and the team from Animal. Helping the WWF.
#8 BAM! Category: HELLO
Inspired by BAM!s collaboration with FLUX Hawaii, this trending BAM! communicates a warm “Hello” from wherever you are.
#9 BAM! Category: BUSY
LA based artist CHASE is no stranger to BAM! Among the many unique and interesting BAM!s that feature his work. This BUSY BAM! makes it to the trending list no doubt due to its bold satire.
#10 BAM! Category: BRAVE
Shay Maria showing her dance moves positively communicate 'YES!’ Kaloopy.com documented her fun dancing, raising the stats to clearly rank her at number 10.
#11 BAM! Category: BYE
Enjoy this number 11 most popular BAM! brought to you by your friends at the BAM!
#12 BAM! Category: WHERE ARE YOU?
What better place to get lost than in a beautiful time warped night forrest. Enjoy this number 12 most popular BAM! brought to you by your friends at the BAM!


BAM! was created in Venice Beach, California with help from friends all over the world.

We believe video is the most powerful way to communicate over distance.

Sending a short, pre-made BAM!video is easier than typing a message and way more entertaining to send and receive.

That's why BAM!is searching for and ranking the Best Messages about Anything, and offering them to you.

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BAM! is located in Venice Beach, California.
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